Our values – Kind, Compassion and Responsive

At Community Careline, we empower our teams to feel welcomed, appreciated and motivated to do their best work. At the core of this ethos are a set of powerful values that resonate with everyone we employ and collaborate with.

Our employees play an integral part in establishing a positive working environment for all. Our three company values have been developed to inspire our workforce, lay out clear expectations and recognize the people who epitomize our values consistently in their daily responsibilities and allow us to reward them for this.

Kind – Let kindness be at the forefront of your work with the people we support, families, colleagues, and outside professionals.

Compassion – Be compassionate to others especially during difficult times.

Responsive – Be responsive to the needs of the people we support, families, colleagues, and outside professionals.

Our values help define what we do, how we do it, and the attitude we expect our teams to support. At the same time, they establish a unified goal for all employees at Careline and capture what differentiates us from competitors as an exceptional care provider. What we do and have done since the early 80s is advancing, enhancing, and improving, with our three values at the centre of that focus. In short, these values serve as a daily reminder to all of us of what the Community Careline brand stands for.

If you are kind, compassionate and responsive and would like to join our team, we’d love to hear from you. We’re always looking for talented professionals who naturally reflect our values and the passion we have for providing exceptional care. Apply now here >

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