Deputy Manager – Community Careline

I started in the care industry over 22 years ago when I began my career as a carer.

Over the years I have worked my way up to management level gaining my NVQ’s in Health & Social care level 3 + 4 and have also received my registered manager award, which I was extremely proud of.

I have worked for careline nearly half of the time that I have been in the care industry, in excess of 10 years.

I am extremely proud of the quality of care that we deliver. ‘Care’ is my passion, although I am predominantly in the office throughout the week, I do get an element of ‘hands on’ care at the weekends.

I love being part of the team both within the management and with the care team in the community.

I would struggle being permanently based in head office, I would miss the interaction with the customers.

I am a very caring person both at work and at home. I love to spend time with my family, and enjoy seeing my grandchildren regularly. I go swimming several times a week (then I treat myself to the sauna and the Jacuzzi). Being around people is what I enjoy the most, regardless of the setting.

Many people (when they find out where I work) ask me, why did you chose social care? And my honest answer has to be, “I didn’t it chose me”. It doesn’t feel like a job; it feels like meeting up with relatives.

I particularly enjoy caring for the elderly, hearing their stories and memories and their ‘old fashioned values’ are just how I like to lead my life.

I thoroughly enjoy initial assessments; you get to meet a wide range of characters. Everyone has a unique care package that is tailored to the individual to suit their needs.

I find it so rewarding to see the change in people from when you initially take on someone’s care package to weeks/months afterwards.

“Seeing someone’s confidence and self pride and dignity return is just like winning the lottery to me”.

If I had to narrow it down, I would have to say that the favourite part of my job (other than the care) would have to be ‘knowledge’.

Being in care, you are constantly learning about people’s needs and the various types of Dementia/Alzheimer’s and how it aspects people in completely different ways.

“All in all, I love my industry and I wouldn’t change it for the world”.