Deputy manager – community careline

Before joining Careline I have worked for residential care homes and also for other domiciliary care agencies.

“I love the care industry, its so rewarding”.

Although I enjoy all aspects of care, I do prefer domiciliary care as I love to visit the customers in their own surroundings.

I think you get to know the person much more quickly and get to understand their likes and dislikes.

“I love seeing their homes full of pictures and memories of their lives”.

I joined Careline in 2009 as a carer, my ultimate goal was to work my way up within the company, and thank fully this is what I did. I quickly progressed to a senior carer before taking on my current role as Deputy Manager.

I completed my level 2 + 3 in Health & Social care as well as all of the additional mandatory training that all staff have to complete as part of the Careline regulations.

I have many hobbies outside of Careline which are centred around my family and my dogs. I love gardening and going on long adventurous walks with the dogs, preferably when its not raining.

“I fell into the social care industry and I’m so glad that I did”.

My personality and my character exudes care, its in my bones and my heart. I have personally lived through many of life’s experiences, both good and bad. With the knowledge that I have gained throughout my life I feel that I am well grounded to support others to live a happy and independent life within their own homes.

One of the favourite parts of my job would have to be meeting new customers and their families. I love to ask questions to create my own collage within my head of the customer, what they were like years ago, how they are now, as getting to know them as an individual is incredibly important to me.

It’s essential to provide the best possible care to meet the needs and wishes of every customer.

Every day brings a different memory, no two days are ever the same. I love the variety of care and watching the customers progress and live as long as possible with dignity and independence.

I would have to say that one of my most special memories would have to be supporting a customer that suffered from cataracts in both eyes. He had such poor vision that he struggled to see just a few inches in front of his face, so he needed a lot of support from the care team.

I used to accompany him on each of his eye appointments as well as other visits. He was due to have one of his cataracts removed so again I took him to his appointment and reassured him that I would return after the operation to collect him.

I returned as promised and as soon as I entered through the door, the customer knew it was me straightaway. It was such an overwhelming emotion to see the customer that I cared for, who was virtually blind could now see. I was so happy that the tears of joy lasted quite a while. Knowing that the customer was now able to once again be independent was an amazing feeling.

Many people ask me, “what is your most rewarding experience”? I have so many that its always so hard to chose just one. However, the one that is always at the for-front of my mind is a customer that suffered from incredibly low self esteem.

He struggled with the lack of motivation, he had no confidence in himself and he refused to leave his house.

When we took on the care package, we all knew that the customer was very depressed and unhappy and it was heart breaking to witness. Therefore, the team and I supported him and worked on his self belief and worthiness. Slowly but surely the support we provided started to prove successful, he was starting to regain a bit of confidence and his self esteem was on the way up.

Eventually over time we were all amazed that the customer was back to living independently, he had bags of confidence and self worth. The most rewarding part was the customer no longer wanted to stay behind closed doors at his house he was desperate to get out into the big wide world.

We helped the customer to get a bus pass for public transport and the rest is history, not only does he get out into his local community, he also visits other towns around the area.

“It was a true success story”.

“I love my job, the staff, the customers, the team. If you have the care industry within your veins, and have caught the bug, it never leaves you”.