Registered care manager – community careline

From as long as I can remember I have been involved within the care industry. I grew up with my parents working within the sector so I knew little different.

My mother was a nurse until she retired and my father was a porter until he had to retire due to ill health.

I joined the St John ambulance service in 1978, during my years I received the ‘Grand Prior’ award, which was the highest award you could receive. Although I loved my time with the service I felt that it was time to move on.

Therefore, in 1987 I decided to join my parents at the NHS on a voluntary basis to see if it was a career path that I wanted to take.

My sister also decided to become a nurse at the hospital and enjoyed many years within the industry until she stepped down to start her own family.

“Care was definitely hereditary within our family”

Although it was extremely rewarding to work for the NHS it made me realise that I would prefer a career within social care.

I started to work for Careline over 25 years ago back in 1995 as a care assistant. I thoroughly loved my job, it seemed to tick all of the boxes that I was looking for in a career. In 2002 I was promoted to a senior carer, just a year later in 2003 I was approached by the Management who offered me the position of care coordinator.

I loved my role and continued to coordinate for another 3 years until the role of deputy manager became available. I felt that since I had been in the company (at this point for over ten years) working my way up from a carer that I was ready for my next challenge.

The manager left two years later so I slipped into her role quite naturally, and became the acting manager. I continued with this role until 2010 when I became the registered care manager for Community Careline, which is the role I remain in to date.

Throughout my career I have completed my NVQ Levels 2, 3 + 4. And also all of my mandatory training that is a requirement of a Careline employee. I was also incredibly pleased to be awarded my leadership and management award.

I am so proud that the company has been operational for so many years. Over the years you see so many companies start up and are gone again within a few years, not Careline.

We are making lots of changes to the company over the next 12/18 months. Not to the way we provide care and support as its clear that we excel in that area. It’s more to do with the behind the scenes computer systems/recording systems etc. Careline is a leading care agency providing personalised care and support to homes across Rochdale.

I love the company, I’m passionate about my job, my team are fantastic and I’m thankful that the owners are so supportive to me and treat me with respect.

“There is not many people that can say that they have worked for a company more than 25 years; most marriages do not last that long these days”.

I am a naturally caring person, which Is how I believe the care industry found me and sucked me in for so many years. I love people, talking to people and understanding their needs. I am a massive fan of spending quality time with my family, either at home, days out or at my caravan which Its situated in Wales.

I would have to say that the favourite part of my job would have to be knowing that I have made a difference to peoples lives and also making an environment a great place to work for all of my employees.

I am incredibly lucky that we haven’t got a high turn over of staff, most of the staff have been at Careline for nearly as long as I have.

“It just shows that Careline is a job for life”.