Specialist dementia care in your own home

Adjusting to life with dementia can be stressful and upsetting, both for the person living with dementia and for their families. One of the things people often worry about is how they’re going to manage going forward. Our home care service for people living with dementia is here to help lessen your worries and make things a little easier for everybody involved.

We’ve been providing professional, flexible home care support to people living with dementia since 1993 and believe that a dementia diagnosis doesn’t define the person.

We focus on providing a service which respects the person’s unique life history, encourages their individual abilities and helps them to cope with the particular challenges of dementia.

Consistent, caring support

Living with dementia can very often feel confusing and unsettling. Care and support from familiar faces can help to provide a sense of reassurance and stability. That’s why we assign a very small team of named carers to work with you or your family member on a regular basis. We don’t chop and change carers. Our carers are all trained in dementia care and are patient, flexible and committed to supporting independence and helping you or your loved one maintain a preferred lifestyle.

Whatever you or your loved one needs support with, whether that’s maintaining a personal care routine, managing housework, or keeping up with favourite hobbies and interests, we’re here to help. We offer both visiting home care and live-in care options, enabling you or your loved one to continue to live in the comfort and familiarity of home for as long as possible.

Professional, responsive dementia care, day or night

Living with dementia can sometimes mean changes in sleep patterns. We understand this and provide a fully responsive home care service which adjusts to new waking and sleeping routines as and when they change. We can provide both ‘waking night’ or sleep-in support options at a moment’s notice. If you or your loved one tends to get sleepy during the day, we can also be there to provide reassurance and a familiar face upon waking. Whatever you need, we’re here to help.

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