Hospital discharge service

After a stay in hospital, returning home to continue your recovery may mean you need a little extra support until you’re fully back on your feet again.

Our hospital discharge service is available to provide a quick response to discharge from hospital. We provide home care support to help you regain both your independence and your confidence and can assist with a variety of practical tasks, day or night, such as:

  • Personal care support, for example, helping with washing, dressing, moving around your home, continence management and skincare.
  • Collecting prescriptions and helping you with your medication.
  • Transport to or from the hospital, your GP or other healthcare providers for appointments.
  • Helping you to implement any new dietary requirements or eating plans.
  • Domestic duties, including cooking, cleaning, ironing and shopping.

As time goes on, you may find that your needs change. We are here to help in the event that you need more or less assistance. We can simply alter the frequency of our visits or the type of support we are providing to you. Our hospital discharge service is very flexible and we are always ready to accommodate changes.

Responding swiftly to discharge from hospital

Home care support is usually arranged before your discharge from hospital. Health and social care professionals will assess whether you may need help when you return home and, if so, what kind of support you may require. We can help at very short notice. Just mention our service to your discharge coordinator at the hospital.

If your assessment suggests that you do not need help but you’re concerned about how you’re going to manage, we can still help you. Many people choose to arrange home care support direct with us. If you or your family would like to do this, please contact us on 01706 643433.

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